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Revised 1/9/2024

Henson Gap Landing Zone

The Henson Gap landing zone (LZ) is located in the field north of Davis Loop and south of Henson Gap Road.  
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The upper strip, located at the southern end of the field, slopes upward toward launch in its southern corner. It is fairly level in its western corner bordered by large electric transmission lines (NW) and Davis Loop (SW). From here the field slopes down to the north, along a fall line that divides the upper strip from the lower strip to a big flat bottom comprising the majority of area.

Although the upper strip will be used by many pilots in a strong north cross, the wide flat bottom area may be easier to negotiate in these conditions. Our neighbor Mr. Woerner allows use of his 'bowl field' on the south side of Davis Loop, offering another good option.


  • Remember that this is a landing field and all landing aircraft have priority.
  • Maintain awareness of any other pilots approaching the LZ and move quickly from the LZ to one of the breakdown areas after landing.
  • Do not pack your wing in the open areas where other pilots might land.
  • Pilots kiting their paragliders should stay well clear of landing areas when hang gliders are flying and should be prepared to lower their wings well before other pilots begin a final approach.

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